Step #1: Verify Account Information

The following form will help us identify and verify your account. Please answer each item carefully.

Name on Account

Please enter the first and last name of the account holder. If you are having difficulty getting to the next step, try different variations. e.g. Instead of "Rob" try "Robert."

First Name:
Last Name:
Verification Information

For your safety and security, please answer the following questions in order verify your identity. If you are a Pet Staff customer and are unable to answer these questions for any reason please call us at 1.310.273.5600 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday and a customer service agent will assist you.

What is the zip code for the residence we have on file?

This is the 5 digit zip code number for the primary location we have on file. In most cases will be the zip code of the address we visit to care for your pet(s).

What is one phone number we have on file for your account?

This is one phone number we have on account. It could be a home phone number, a work number, or a mobile number. Please make sure your phone number is exactly ten digits long (punctuation is not necessary), e.g. 310555555.

What is the name of one pet that we have listed in your account?

This could be any pet that we provide pet care services for.

Questions? Call us at 1.310.273.5600
8AM and 5PM, Monday - Friday